Product Care

Handwoven items require special care when in the wash due to the materials they are made from.

In line with my environmental policy the yarns I use to produce my products are considered to be hand wash only by their manufacturers to prevent any shrinkage or felting.

To wash your items it is best to wash them gently by hand in body temperature water. A sudden change in temperature from hot to cold or vice versa could cause the wool the shrink and felt, as can too much agitation or rubbing.

It is best to place your item into the water, and not run the tap directly over it. Gently swish it to dislodge any dirt particles and leave to soak for up to 20 minutes using a specific wool wash detergent that does not contain eucalyptus, as this ingredient can strip colours from your items.

Hold your item to the side out of the water to drain dirty washing water, then refill your sink with water of the same temperature. Rinse gently, then allow excess water to drain from the sink.

Do not wring, but fold and squeeze your item firmly to remove further water.

Roll your item in a dry towel, and then press again. The towel will soak up any further excess water.

Lay your item flat to dry woollen side up if made from mulitple fibres, preferably in the shade.

Once dry, items can be gently steamed without touching the iron to the fabric to restore fluff and remove wrinkles.

For items that include other fabrics to wool, these fabrics have been pre-shrunk and will only benefit from the gentle care given to the woollen parts of your item.